Welding is the industrial process by which metal or other substances can be joined together by heat to build structures. 
Welding and other forms of metal working including blacksmithing or forging are some of the most popular activities at Cumann na naBhfear.

A series of Stoves were  made my members out of recycled metal.

Building a Replica of Google's First Server
One of the Cumann's first projects was Michael McDonnell and Michael Tiernan using wielding techniques to help the pupils of Scoil San Bhríde Menlo and DERI at NUI Galway to make a replica of the original Google Server which was built in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at their premises in Menlo Park San Francisco. 
Google Server: Making the Metal Frame

Cutting a Shower Door to create Perspex Walls for Server
This unit comprised ten hard disks each of 4G (then the largest capacity available) mounted on a metal frame that was covered in pieces of Lego. The school undertook this project to highlight the historical connections between the locality and the California district of Menlo Park which was founded by Denis J. Oliver and DC McGlynn two Irish emigrants who left Menlo in County Galway for the USA in the 1850s.

Connecting the Perspex Walls to the Google Server
Completed Google Server on display at the Galway Science & Technology Festival

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