A key aim of Cumann na bhFear is the preservation and protection of national and local heritage in a way that gives it meaning and purpose to the inhabitants of modern Ireland.

What is Heritage?
A country's heritage is the sum total of the values, morals, language, arts, crafts, stories, legends, dress, music, buildings, constructions, games and other traditions or aspects of life that have been continued over many years and passed on from one generation to another, especially ones that are of historical importance or that have a strong influence over the society.

'Living' Heritage
The group therefore undertakes a significant amount of projects that implement age old practices and methods within a modern setting that benefit both the natural landscape and existing communities.
It is a stated objective of Cumann na bhFear to provide an educational heritage centre for the colelction and display of equipment once common in Irish homes, farms, businesses and industry. This facility would be of benefit of schools, colleges, community groups as well as the tourism sector.

These include:
A Make Your Own Bat Box workshop will take place at 7pm on Wednesday May 17th

Fee is €12 which covers the cost of materials and light refreshments.

The session will be followed a few days later by a practical demonstration by Dr. Caitriona Carlin of NUI Galway, in association with the Vincent Wildlife Trust and the Galway Bat Group, of how and where best to place bat boxes. This event will take place in Terryland Forest Park.

Should you wish to book a place on this workshop, email felicity.gillespie@gmail.com. But please note that is a limited amount of places available. So book soon!
Drystonewalling -within the Ballinfoile Mór Community Organic Garden and hopefully other areas of Terryland Forest Park.

Tinsmithing(annual workshops)

Blacksmithing(weekly activities & regular workshops)

Organic Gardening  (within the Ballinfoile Mór Community Organic Garden).

Social & Nature Walks & Cycling Events such as Off the Beaten Track tours through the rural landscapes of east Galway city (Ballinfoile, Castlegar, Ballindooley & Menlo).
'Off the Beaten Track' Heritage Cycle Tour

Old Bicycle Restoration
Restoring an old 'Nelly'

Skillet Pots & Open Fire Cooking Returns to Ballinfoile
A major heritage project undertaken by Cumann na bhFear in the past was a lovingly restored traditional cast iron cookware set comprising a kettle, a three legged cauldron and a skillet mounted on a hearth crane was installed in the Ballinfoile Mór Community Organic Garden in preparation Galway'sl Culture Night.
Chief craftsperson for the project was Michael McDonnell of Ballinfoile Park supported by Michael Tiernan.
On Culture Night, to the accompaniment of an Irish music seisiun, visitors enjoyed over an open fire a sumptuous meal of locally grown organic spuds and vegetables.

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